Founded in 1986 with only 6 pupils by Mrs Sarah Serunjogi a teacher by profession who after spending 3 years in a slum area of Kampala city, realized that majority of these children were not attending school and had as a result turned to the streets of Kampala City. Even the few who could attend school, were often sent back home as they failed to pay the high school fees demanded by the city schools. So we felt the need of starting a school to offer cheap education to these disadvantaged children. To date, the school has over 1200 children with a staff of 47 teaching and non teaching members.


We have four campuses at different locations:

  • Trinity primary school in Sembule Zone
  • Trinity Kindergarten in Kironde Zone
  • Trinity Nursery academy
  • Faith Nursery Academy in Kitebi Zone


The centre was founded with the following aims:

  • To bring or take education facilities nearer to the people.
  • To lay a firm foundation for successful future studies of pupils.
  • To pay special attention to the moral, physiological and psychological requirements of the children at this important stage of development.
  • The establishment of sound academic standard.
  • The development of a good moral fabric

Many orphans have been given free education. [When the centre first opened, there were few orphans and we felt we could accommodate them without them paying school fees. But when AIDS struck and it is still striking as very hard . We are loosing parents at a rate of 5 parents per year and on average each of them has 2 to 4 children in our school - this means only in one year between 10 to 20 children became orphans in our school. It is, therefore, not suprising that presently we have more than 200 orphans in the centre. The ever increasing number of orphans who do not pay school fees has strains our financial arrangements since we don't get any grants from government.]