All subjects as prescribed by the Ministry of Education in secondary School Curriculum both in Arts and Sciences. Special attention has been given to sciences considering the need for science education in the country. Of late we have introduced special language classes and vocational studies including French, Swahiri, Home Economics, Technical drawing, Industrial art, Music and Tailoring. We also have plans of introducing Adult Education programmes over the weekends which will mainly benefit nearby parents and some school drop-outs.


A variety of rich co-curricular makes our school a place with a difference enabling development of talents and gifts. These include:- sports and games, Debates, internal and external seminars, Academic trips, Field Work, Drama, plus other various clubs activities like interact, Wildlife, Anti-AIDS etc.

FACILITEIS: A well-stocked library, Computer laboratory, school Canteen, Spacious Dormitories, Sky Dish, TV and projectors, Internet services etc...

DISCIPLINE: For over a decade, we have a strong reputation of being the best disciplinarians in the district. This is so because we emphasize strong moral virtues. Therefore, we guarantee children's discipline and spiritual development considering all religious denominations.