The Good Samaritan chapel


"Who do you think was the good neighbor in this story?" Jesus asked the teacher of the law "The one who helped him" the clever lawyer said 'Yes,' said Jesus 'You go and do the same.' The Samaritan knelt down beside the Jew, and carefully cleaned his wounds with wine and olive oil from his bag. The Samaritan tied bandages round the injuries. He managed to get the injured Jew up on to the donkey. The Samaritan gave the Landlord two pieces of silver. He told the Manager to take care of the man. He said "I've got to go on into town, but if you need any more money I will pay you on my way back." It is all about double cure - the body and soul. (James 5:15 - 16) The prayer of faith will save the sick and the Lord will restore him. God asks us to show His love and minister to the "whole" person. We present the gospel by linking deed and word in a wholistic manner that impact body, mind and spirit (James 2: 14 - 17). Jesus cared for people by feeding and healing them.