Program Aims

To bring and extend quality affordable medical cure closer to the rural areas in the mid- region of Uganda, including four counties Gomba, Butambala, Busiro and Mawokota and provide quality medical care to all.

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Community Outreach

The Echoes supported outreach programmes offer the following to different areas for free twice a month.

  • Malaria , HIV testing and counseling
  • Teeth extractions
  • Dewarming
  • Medical consultations
  • Blood pressure checks
  • Free malaria treatment etc
  • "some basic and first aid treatment immunisation, family planning , Antenatal consultations , health education about diseases like hypertension, Diabetes ,Malaria, STDs and hygiene."

The outreach programmes sensitize the population and help to give hope to those who cannot afford transportation to the facility.


Insurance companies we are affiliated to:

  • International Air Ambulance (IAA)
  • International health Network (IHN)
  • Kadic health foundation (KHF)
  • The child support organization Mpigi (CHISOM)
  • Case medcare
  • Home of Hopes and Dreams